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      濱州恒泰化纖制品有限公司主要生產和銷售丙綸高強絲,丙綸加捻網絡絲,聚丙烯抗裂纖維,聚丙烯工程纖維,聚丙烯腈工程纖維,聚酯工程纖維,建筑安全網,安全防護網,遮陽防塵安全網,高空全身安全帶,新型歐式安全帶,高空作業清洗安全繩,三股化纖繩 濱州恒泰化纖制品有限公司主要生產和銷售丙綸高強絲,丙綸加捻網絡絲,聚丙烯抗裂纖維,聚丙烯工程纖維,聚丙烯腈工程纖維,聚酯工程纖維,建筑安全網,安全防護網,遮陽防塵安全網,高空全身安全帶,新型歐式安全帶,高空作業清洗安全繩,三股化纖繩

      Binzhou HengTai Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., located at Lizhuang Town, Binzhou City. 90km from Yaoqiang International airport of Jinan City, 300km from Qingdao Port and Beijing; geographical position is superior and convenient for transportation of goods.

      Registered brand ‘HengTai’ main products are high strength PP yarn, color PP yarn,marine working mooring ropes, safety protection rope, climbing rope, fire rescue escape rope,aerospace and military equipment rope, chemical fiber nets, slings for lifting loads; HengFeng company has national advanced PP yarn spinning machine, rope making machine for three, eight and twelv...

      Polypropylene Filament yarn
      800D Polypropylene Filament yarn
      Polypropylene Filament yarn
      +  PP twisted yarn
      +  PP engineering fiber
      +  Safety Net
      +  3 strands rope
      +  Braided rope
      +  8-strand and 12-strand mooring rope
      Address:Shandong Huimin Li Town, Post Office south rope course Big World
      Address:Shandong Huimin Li Town, Post Office south rope course Big World Tel:86-543-5838188 Email:sdhengtaihuaxian@163.com
      Copyright 2011 Binzhou Hengtai Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. All rights reserved
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